Putting wealth management on auto-pilot

Acebanker automates – from product selection to performance monitoring to portfolio rebalancing, so that you don’t have to. By constantly scanning the market for open data and studying clients’ investment patterns, Acebanker handles all the computational hard-work to create an automated wealth management experience, based on your own investment philosophy.

Direct vs. Bionic


With the direct option, you could either embed Acebanker’s core algorithm into the back-end of your online banking platform, so that it works behind the scene; or you could customize your own version of Acebanker by choosing from the different modules that we have, and use it as a “plug in” to your client-facing online/mobile banking. Either way, you give your clients direct access to an automated wealth management solution through your own digital channels.


With the bionic option, you empower your client advisors to do more with less. Logging in from a different advisor’s interface, your client advisors keep track and manage all her clients’ portfolio in one place, and delegating much of the computational-intensive and time-consuming portfolio management activities to Acebanker. This allows them to provide more value-added services to more of their clients, in the same amount of time.


At the core of Acebanker is an advanced algorithm that sifts through zillions of data points to give each of your clients a personalized wealth management plan. While we can’t guarantee no two persons will ever share the same initial portfolio recommendation, over time, the algorithm is able to auto-rebalance every client’s portfolio differently based on both market conditions as well as client’s preferences and investment patterns.


With Acebanker, you are in control of your own strategy. Our customizable investment template allows you to imprint your own investment philosophy to train the algorithm to follow your strategy. Not only that, you could also set your own hard constraints, in respond to regulatory requirement or compliance obligations.


Acebanker tracks, captures and crunches data to distil meaningful and actionable insights for you. Our analytics module monitors the digital footprint of your clients on your digital platform, and studies their investment patterns. When combined with open data, it offers both you and your clients powerful insights into managing their wealth across different investment climates.

Data Visualization

A mountain of data without proper analysis is of little use, which is why we offer a data visualization module with rich charting/graphing capabilities. It allows your clients to easily find out their current wealth management status, and makes it more convenient for you to start meaningful dialogue with them. We have over 300 data visualization toolkits for you to choose from.

Asia born, Swiss made

Acebanker is a product of Koolla Pte. Ltd., a Singapore fintech startup established in 2013. In 2014, we set up a second office in Shanghai, China. Over the last 2 years, we have been working on a number of test initiatives independently, and in partnership with major international banks, to understand the digital behaviors of the Asian consumers. This includes a 6-month field study on the investment patterns of Chinese consumers on mobile devices. More recently, we put these data and insights into good use, setting up a research lab in Geneva to bring advanced artificial intelligence to automated wealth management.


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